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Meet the Team

Sports marketing agency nascar

Chris Braselton

Founder and Principal

As the founder and leader of the team, Chris has extensive experience in sponsorship marketing, brand activation, experiential marketing, shopper marketing, brand building, business development and more!  His experience with unconventional, outside the box tactics is the inspiration behind everything Temerity embodies.  He has built successful 360° campaigns maximizing sponsorship value, particularly in the NASCAR space.  Furthermore, his track record working within limited budgets and extracting maximum value is second to none.

Who We Are

There is often a story behind a name. Temerity is simply a fancy word for a characteristic of boldness or audacity.  This is the embodiment of our firm.  While we can execute conventional tactics as well as anyone, we take pride that through our experience we can offer unconventional, bold solutions to help drive your business.  We think differently and we think you should too. 

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