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Experiential Marketing

Each brand has its own personality.  Bringing that personality to life helps customers and/or consumers to experience your brand.  Doing so builds awareness, connection, and affinity.  At Temerity, we strive to build solutions from the top to the bottom of the marketing funnel.  Experiential marketing is one of our core competencies.

Fan Engagement

Sponsorship and brands are the backbone of NASCAR.  It's the business model upon which all teams fund their operations - and the fans know it!  One of the highlights of coming to the track for many race fans is interacting with the brands in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Meeting the fans on their turf can help you win in this space!

Customer Purchase Funnel.jpg


Being seen at the track is just one way to generate brand exposure.  It also provides a platform to collect data for CRM, allows fans to see and interact with your products or services in a pressure free environment, and helps you tell your brand story.  It can also provide a path to purchase.  Allow Temerity to coach you through the possibilities that align with your business objectives and design solutions that drive results!

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