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Earned Media and Content Marketing

Often overlooked, public relations and content marketing are two ways to tell your brand story, create  additional pathways for fan engagement, and steer the conversation while remaining top of mind.  Two components we strongly recommend as part of a successful gameplan.

Earned Media

Sports and competition are ultimately unpredictable.  Sponsors and partners would love nothing more than for their brand to win on the playing field day in and day out.  Unfortunately, that's not realistic.  There will undoubtedly be ebbs and flows.  What sponsors and partners can control is how they keep their brand or company in the conversation, generating buzz and excitement, regardless of the competition outcome.  Sound crazy?  Let's talk!

Content Marketing

Imagine creating consumable content so rich and interesting that fans and other stakeholders forget that they're essentially watching an extended advertisement of your brand.  Do you think that sounds a little farfetched?  Think again.  Let Temerity show you how!

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