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Sponsorship Marketing

Since 2014 our founder has compiled THE PLAYBOOK when it comes to sponsorship marketing, from negotiation to strategy and execution, while presiding over one of the premier sponsorships within the sport of NASCAR.  At Temerity, we view all things through the lens of the sponsor and our expertise is certain to maximize your sponsorship ROI.

Contract Negotiaton

Sponsorships are a tremendous medium to create an emotional connection with consumers, establish B2B connections, drive brand awareness, and become a company or brand communication platform.  Many questions often arise in this space around size, scope, proper affiliation, activation execution, and more.  Temerity is here to provide solutions leveraging our lengthy expertise in this space.  We know fair market value and can right-size assets to fit your business goals!

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We've been building connections across race teams, the sanctioning body, consumer brands, and people within the NASCAR space for a decade.  You can trust that we can connect your business with the right entities to surpass your ROI goals!

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