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B2B and B2C

Everyone is selling something.  For some, it's a B2B pathway.  For others, there's a need to communicate with the consumer.  Many times, especially for consumer brands, there is a need to use a sponsorship platform to engage both.  At Temerity, we have extensive experience building B2B relationships through business development and brand partnerships along with a robust toolchest for consumer marketing through velocity driving sales tactics and 360° brand campaigns!


There are endless opportunities to leverage a sponsorship platform for B2B growth.  If sales is your endgame it can be as simple as having the right connections and engaging key decision makers. 


Partnerships are another valuable tool in growing your business.  Identifying complimentary brands and building relationships is central to Temerity Marketing.  At the end of the day, we can help you evolve from the transactional relationship of vendor into what other companies and brands view as a PARTNER!  This can help you retain current business and insulate your business from competitive pressure.  Oftentimes, it can even help WIN you new business.


Compelling consumer communications and offers are essential to a positive sponsorship ROI.  As consumers take the journey through the marketing funnel to purchase and, ideally loyalty, conversion can be the most difficult step.  Meeting the consumer pre-purchase and through the point of purchase is a critical step that Temerity has the skills to provide!

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